Research Project ICI40 – Partnership possibilities

Research Project ICI40 – Partnership possibilities

Our research project innovative cyber security for industry 4.0 offers companies the opportunity to enter into a partnership for the duration of the project.

Technology partners of this project have the right to :

  • Monitor project progress and the achievements of our objectives. The members can express their appreciation and give their input during the planned meetings of the steering committee (annual meeting)
  • Your company logo on our communication (Website & Mailing)
  • Place of an info booth at our closing event
  • Placing a company banner at all public IC4 events
  • The possibility of giving a guest session at an IC4 event (eg workshop / training)


The contribution for entering into this partnership depends on the size of your company. A distinction will be made between small businesses and medium-sized and large companies.

Small business cost (<50 employees)€ 1000
Cost price medium and large company (> = 50 employees)€ 2000

This contribution can be paid as a one-off payment or via an annual payment (during the remaining duration of the project) Partnership agreement document: LINK More info: