IC4 Awareness Sessions

IC4 Awareness Sessions


The merging of IT and automation networks increases the risk of IT threats or infections by linking company networks to the internet. The threat comes to a lesser extent from outside the network: wrong network architecture, hardware not suitable for deployment in an open environment such as Ethernet TCP/IP, lack of knowledge in the industrial workplace,… This workshop uses a fictional demo company where we demonstrate the current risks and dangers of linking these networks together step by step. The main purpose of the sessions is to make participants aware of all potential dangers and present different possible solutions.

We focus primarily on a practical illustration of the risks and solution in term of security on an automation network. The given theory is therefore immediately converted into practical examples so that it becomes sufficiently tangible for everyone. This approach aims at a broad target audience : anyone who comes into contact with ethernet-based solutions within the automation network in an industrial workplace.

Last session:

Tuesday October 15 2019 – 18.00 until 21.30 Location: Rijselstraat 5 – 8200 Bruges

Click here for the presentations (2019-10-15):
  1. Intro to Cyber Tuesday
  2. Intro awareness session
  3. Awareness session