Offensive ICS security

  Offensive ICS Training

This two-day training gives trainees the essential knowledge to safely conduct a technical security audit within industrial environments. The main focus is hands-on experience in combination with our own research and expertise.

Target audience

Everyone active within the IT (security) domain with specific interest in industrial environments.

Table of content

DAY 1:

  • Introduction to Industrial Control Systems
  • Basics of PLC Programming
  • Industrial Communication
  • Scanning ICS networks

DAY 2:

  • Industrial Network & System enumeration
  • Reversing proprietary industrial protocols
  • Exploiting industrial control systems
  • Hands on: Industrial CTF on the Fictile Factory

The content of these days can be altered to meet your specific needs. Possible additional costs for additional research / preparations can be charged; contact us for more info & quotation


  • Duration: 2 days – 8 hours/day
  • Maximum number of participants: 10
  • Location: on-site or IC4 labo at Kortrijk
  • Training takes place on two consecutive days


  • Trainers:                            (16h x 100€/hour) x 2 trainers                     € 3200
  • Rent ICS hardware:         250€/day x 2 days                                      € 500
  • Km compensation:                     0.3468€/km                                                    € xx

*in case of a distance >300km, additional overnight accommodation must be provided.